House Washing

Is your curb appeal - appealing?

Curb appeal matters! Our job is to help restore and preserve the exterior of your home and ensure that it portrays great curb appeal as a clean, safe, and inviting place to live.

A well-manicured yard is an excellent start, but did you know that only accounts for about 1/3 of your curb appeal? That’s right. The main attraction is of course – THE HOUSE! Is your home’s exterior clean? Take a look. Do you like what you see? Has mold, mildew, and dirt taken over? Are dirt dauber and other insect nest sharing your space? Have the gutters become dingy and laden with ugly dark streaks? WE CAN HELP!

An unskilled person using high pressure on you home can be damaging and extremely costly. Soft washing is the preferred method for cleaning homes as pressure washing can cause damage. Our soft wash process provides an amazing clean using low pressure water flow and commercial grade products to create results that last. Trust your home to the professionals at ICU Power Washing to ensure safe, proper, and quality cleaning of your home.

Your Professional House Washers

ICU Power Washing is your solution. We are your trained exterior cleaning professionals, specializing in one thing: exceptional exterior cleaning.

Our job is to:

Protect your property. With regular house washing, your exterior surface will last longer and maintain superior quality.

Protect your curb appeal. When your exterior is free of mold and dirt, it can do what it does best: shine!

Protect you from the hazards of a do-it-yourself attempt. A DIY pressure washing job isn’t just ineffective: it can be dangerous.


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Curb Appeal - And Quality to Match

Protecting the long-term quality of your home is important. One part of that involves ensuring that the exterior is well maintained. Preventative maintenance goes a long way towards ensuring your home retains its value and is safe, structurally sound, and secure for many years to come. Maintenance inclues many things; regular cleaning is one of them.

Inspecting the exterior structure, reparing any damage, and keeping your homes exterior clean will extend its life. Soft washing is the preferred method of cleaning. Our soft was process provides results that last 4 to 6 times longer than pressure washing and is 100% safer for your structure.

Our team’s use of the low-pressure soft wash procedure restores your home's exterior. This comprehensive solution includes:

Pre-inspection and work plan. Here we document pre-existing conditions and outline expectations.

Site prep. Next, we carefully move furniture and obstructions to create a safe work space.

Soft washing. Our cleaning process involves the use of such a low-pressure water flow, that you can put your hand in front of it. Combined with our proprietary blend of cleaning agents, this process safely remove mold, dirt, mildew, nests, and other debris without damage to your structure.

Hand washing and scrubbing. Our personalized hand scrubbing along with special cleaning solutions provide a detailed level of clean that is unmatched, producing extraordinary results on gutters, eaves, and fascia.

Lasting Protection for Your Exterior

Your home is always protected with our 6-month warranty. We stick with our mantra: “If the mold returns, so do we!”


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Comprehensive power washing solutions for every property

With the best power washing technology and cleaning products by our side, there’s no job that the ICU Power Washing team can’t do. We proudly serve both residential and commercial properties with:

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